Teaching The Truth – Giving Choice – Evolutionist Lack Motivation to Accept New & Exciting Knowledge

The Theory of Evolution has really became a religion for which has been established and worshiped within the halls of our greatest universities. Millions have been misled to believe in a theory for which would according to the latest evidence; take much more faith then to believe in a talented dynamic and all powerful Creator.

Although all living creatures evolve to survive; this religion of creation and nature or belief in a natural process of origin for which has never been proven, but has been mandated as truth and legally sanctioned as the only teaching within the public school system is outrageous. Evolution is a misunderstood or misdirected process, and the belief in such can clearly be understood as a religion in that it is institutionalized, interlocked, accepted, worshiped and utilized in every facet of our science and educational system; it is clearly permeably and influential throughout politics, education, sociology, psychology, etc., leaving very little progress, understanding, or pursuits for truth

Is it not interesting that many progressives today are always squawking “we need more progress, more technologies, more free and open ways of understanding processes, behaviors and values”; however, these identical persons are readily able and pursuing a conservative position in regards to believing in a theory for which is as out dated as the pre industrialized age. I have something to say to these persons that are stuck in the 18ths century…get with it, times have changed “as you say”; technology is now proving there is a God, a Designer, a great I AM, and that we are not an accident… so please get your head out of this Darwinian sand! In fact it remains clear that many Darwinian followers simply are ignoring the last 50 yrs. of conclusive research related to intelligent design and purposeful creation and there is a reason!

The identifiable reason in which many scientist and young minds do not want to acknowledge a Creator or Designer is simply this; to do so would require accountability of some type. It would require restrainment and an adjustment of their processes, world view and their own values for which they hold sacred and the values of the scientific profession. Values are a powerful thing; they assist with nearly every facet of our lives; directing and controlling our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

The larger question remains for many of those continuing to believe in such an outdated, unproven and socially as well as personally convenient theory… “Why change, when everyone simply finds it convenient and comfortable to believe in such a fact less story?”

This perception and understanding is destruction to man as a purposeful and designed creature. What does this message express to the young minds of our up and coming generations? “You are an accident; expect nothing.” What greater message of depression, destruction and self disregard could a society derive then to call their future leaders accidents?”

I claim we must resist this nonsense; we must acknowledge our purpose, our design, in order to be complete in who we are and for why we are here! Our genetics, talents and abilities are screaming to nature and the world; we are able, we are not accidents but living, breathing, amazing works of art waiting to think, feel and express!

The teaching of only evolution to our young persons also conveys the message; there is no choice, you have no choice… this is the only way! Not allowing the teaching of Intelligent Design within the schools is not American, it is not Democratic; it is Atheistic and Communistic. Americans deserve choice; “so the progressives live by… right?” Choice. Where is my son’s choice to hear both sides in the educational system? Why will my son not hear of the latest technological findings of design? Why are our schools not teaching the latest research data regarding design, purpose and our science advancements? “Hey scientist,” why are you holding out on us?”

To my readers: Write your congressman and ask them!

My friends, the Theory of Evolution is actually limiting science, advancement, and the true understanding of who we are and our origins! If we want to find and understand the truth regarding today’s science we must be willing to examine the current evidence. There are boat loads of evidence currently that a super intelligence operates among the universe. Just think. Currently oppositionist claim, that they do not want Intelligent Design taught within the public school system because this is the so called “religious rights” advancement into schools. Hog Wash! This is a political struggle and political battle rather than a pursuit for real truth and real choice for which all of our kids deserve.

Let our children decide. If Intelligent Design is really the illogical hog wash oppositionist claim that it is… kids and others would reject such ideas anyway…right?

Let me conclude in saying that I support Florida Teachers and others who are fighting for the right to give choice – let the latest knowledge and research based data be discussed – let the facts fall where they may. Tell your leaders that you are tired of these cowards that seek to explain a clearly theoretical, purposeless, and un proven idea such as Darwinism and Evolutionistic ideas of creation. Tell your leaders, hold marches in the streets of Florida and else where and show them you are serious! What are you waiting for? I know myself as well as others are tired of the educational system seeking to restrict assess to all of the facts…. not just some of the facts. What’s even more amazing is that the public school system wonders why so many are home schooling! Get with it – if the educational system would teach all the facts, give many choices such as choosing Intelligent Design as a possible origin in creation.. parent’s would not have to take such actions.

Furthermore, let me just tell you – the reason some people are afraid to hear the truth about what’s out there regarding new information is because they are afraid of what the truth may say. Just imagine them having to accept or begin to believe that a Creator may exist or that the evidence points heavily in that direction. Just imaging what there kids would begin telling them, believing in… WOW. Now you know why they are so persistent about not knowing more about the universe, more about new research, more, more, more, regarding any information that may redirect their world view – “A Creator Based World View.” Imagine how much this would change their lives and the world. “That my friend’s is their greatest fear.” “This is for which we fight.” Finding Truth!
Take action today!